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Enable anyone to mint your NFT in 1 minute using an email address and credit card. No wallet or crypto required.

Crossmint takes 5 minutes to set up and is completely free for you.

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Crossmint is 100% free for sellers. You get the full mint amount instantly.

5 minute integration

Paste 10 lines of code on your minting page. That's it!

Zero chargebacks

Full protection against credit card fraud. All related financial or operational costs are on us.

Trusted by 1000+ creators and enterprises:

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No wallet? No problem

Reach the 99% of people without a wallet

Zero complications. Crossmint eliminates the bottleneck of exchanges and allows users to mint right now with an email and credit or debit card.

Users can always take out their NFTs into crypto wallets like Metamask and Phantom.

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Users love Crossmint

Take our word for it, but take theirs too. NFT buyers love the familiarity Crossmint brings to the mint experience.


Users trust Crossmint

for purchasing their NFTs

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Integrating in a breeze

Integrating with Crossmint is easy

Integration in 5 minutes

Go from zero to accepting cards in 10 lines of code and under 5 minutes.

100% free for sellers

You'll get paid in crypto the full amount instantaneously. We only charge the buyer a convenience fee.

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Accept credit cards in your drop in under 5 minutes. For free!

If you're starting a collection or a developer interested in adding Crossmint to your site, reach out to:

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